How to spot a scammer when dating online


At mysinglefriend we want to make sure that you have a safe, fun and positive experience, and our dedicated customer care team works very hard to remove unwanted accounts from our site. We’re confident that our moderation techniques maintain a high level of security, but we always urge our members to be vigilant when dating online and report any suspicious profiles. Here are a few warning signals to look out for.

They’re too attractive

Whilst there are many good looking people on mysinglefriend, alarms bells should ring if all of their pictures look like they are professional model shots that could have been downloaded from Google. Even if they are actually a model, look for some candid shots of them relaxing with friends and family.

They offer a sob story

Much like the stories from The X Factor that tug on your heartstrings, scammers will often create personas and situations that are designed to lower your guard and earn your trust. Of course, there are many real people out there with stories to tell, but if it all seems a bit too perfect, proceed with caution.

They want to move very quickly

If someone asks for your phone number or address persistently as soon as you start chatting with them, be on your guard. Online relationships should follow a progression that feels natural to you, so if they want to rush you through it too quickly, they might not be genuinely looking for a date.

They ask for money

If someone you meet on a dating site asks you for money, it’s highly likely they are a scammer. However persuasive their story seems - such as they are having an emergency, or it’s just a loan - we very strongly advise you to NEVER send money to someone you meet online.

They ask you for private information

If someone asks you for details about your bank account, driver’s license, passport, online passwords or anything that is security protected, DON’T tell them anything. There is no need for someone you’ve just met online to know those things, so you can be sure that they are scammers.

If you think you’ve identified a scammer, please email us at and let us know so that we can take the appropriate steps to remove them from the site. We want your time on mysinglefriend to be as fun and safe as possible, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you think you’ve seen something suspicious.