Five no-panic dating tips for Christmas


If you’re single or you’ve just started seeing someone, Christmas is the time of year that’s guaranteed to turn you from a normal, rational human being into someone who suddenly feels the need to have a beau or a bae, regardless of suitability, attraction, mutual interests, or any of the other things we normally scrutinise very hard before getting involved with someone. It happens to the best of us, as Christmas is a particularly hard time to be single, but it doesn’t have to be that bad. Follow these no-panic dating tips to make sure you continue to date well over the festive season.

Don’t get in a relationship just so you won’t feel alone

Often the idea of being single at Christmas is worse than the reality so don’t try and get loved up with someone just for the sake of it. Christmas is such a busy social whirl that having someone you’re not sure about tagging along the whole time will just end up being more stressful.

Remember that being single at Christmas is often EASIER and MORE FUN

Apart from the annual questions about why you aren’t married yet from Auntie Carole over the Christmas dinner, being single at Christmas is actually brilliant. No fuss about whose family to spend it with, no stress about buying the perfect present and no fretting about whether it’s appropriate to invite your other half to your work do.

Use the time to connect with friends and family

Most people lead such busy lives that there is little time left to spend with the people who are really important to us. Make the most of not having a partner to worry about by hanging out with those other special people.

Don’t go mad with presents

If you have just stared seeing someone, don’t freak them out by giving them an inappropriately large present that might make them feel obliged to reciprocate or scare them off. Something small but thoughtful will let them know you care, but without piling on the pressure.

Save yourself for January!

Dating sites see a huge spike in sign ups between Christmas and Valentine’s Day, so why not take a little break over Christmas to brush up your profile and get really proactive in the New Year instead? There will be loads of new faces all looking for something special in 2019.

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