7 first date conversation tips to get the ball rolling


Even if you've usually got the poise and social skills of Meghan Markle, there's something about a first date that can either make you clam up completely or cause you to turn into an unstoppable chatterbox. An easy, natural conversation is the ideal, but what can you do if you're struck by nerves? Here are a tips that will help your conversation flow smoothly.

Admit you're nervous

Whilst it might seem like admitting you're nervous will make you look very uncool, the fact is that the other person is probably nervous too and talking about it will instantly give you some common ground and break the ice.

Ask questions

Open ended questions (i.e ones that invite more of an answer than 'yes' or 'no') give your date an opportunity to talk about themselves and make you look good because you're genuinely interested them. Keep it light though, they won't want to feel like they've been interrogated.

Don't tell lies

It's ever so tempting to fudge the truth a little to make yourself feel more impressive or accomplished, but if you get into a relationship the truth will eventually come out and you won't look good. 

Don't ask about their salary

Talking about work is fine, but don't press them on how much they earn, whether they own a property or what sort of car they drive. You'll just come across as a gold digger, which is not an attractive look.

Don't treat it as a therapy session

Be authentic and forthcoming, but don't fill them in on every tiny detail of your emotional history. Getting to know someone takes time and they don't need to see the dark, hidden corners of your mind just yet.

Don't talk about your ex

By all means mention previous relationships, but a first date is way to early for getting into the nitty gritty of your exes. If you still feel compelled to moan about them it might be worth asking yourself if it's too soon for you to be dating.

Keep it positive

Many people find it hard to talk about themselves without some level of self-deprecation. This is fine, and an appealing quality, but don't confuse it with low self-esteem. Talking yourself down won't encourage your date to find your attractive or fun to be around,.

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