5 signs that your date isn't going well (and what to do it about it)


It’s totally normal to turn up to a date with high hopes. This person could turn out to be The One, or at least The One To Have Some Fun With For A While. However, sometimes we can want things to turn out well so badly that it colours our perception of what’s really happening, and stops us seeing that, actually, the date isn’t going that great. Here are five subtle signs to look out for.

They’re not present

A first date should be phone-free, so if one or other of you is distracted by your phone, then you aren’t that interested in the other person. If they’re texting, looking at the football scores or even chatting up the waiter it’s best to recognise that it’s a non-starter and call it a night.

They won’t stop talking about their ex

This is a massive red flag. Not only isn’t it fun for you to act the agony aunt, it’s also a sign they aren’t over their ex and therefore not ready for a relationship. Equally, if you find yourself unable to not bring your ex up, you should have a careful think about if you’re ready to be dating.

They don’t let you get a word in edgeways

Whilst talking too much could be a sign of nerves, it could also point to them being more interested in themselves than you. If they show no interest in learning more about you, it’s wise to make your excuses and not go on a second date.

One or both of you is drinking way to quickly

It’s normal to neck a few drinks on a first date, as alcohol is a useful social lubricant. However, if it feels like you’re both necking the booze because you have nothing to say to each other, it’s not a good sign. Stop drinking and end the date before you end up confusing being squiffy for fancying each other.

You just aren’t feeling it

If your mind keeps wondering to what you might have for lunch tomorrow, you are clearly not felling a spark or a desire to get to know your date better. And that’s totally fine, as we don’t have chemistry with everyone we meet. Find a natural pause in conversation and tell them it’s time you went home.

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