Another lovely success story!


Whilst we love sharing our members and their success stories with the world, we really appreciate that some people like to remain incognito and only share the details of how they met somebody. We received a lovely message from an MSFer recently who was happy to share their good news whilst staying anonymous.

“I was very skeptical but trusted that this site was run by someone well known. Although I am disappointed that the dating game has changed massively in the last 20 years, I am delighted that whilst I was between subscriptions, someone commented on my profile. I used the 'one liners' whilst I deciding whether to sign up again or not.

After quite a few lovely messages, it struck me that this person was different, so I subscribed for a month. We chatted about all subjects and so many things seemed to be in our favour, we decided to meet so that we could determine if just a friendship or if their was chemistry.

We met recently and I am delighted to say that we both felt chemistry. Whilst logic says it is early days, a journey has begun which has breathed life back into my veins and am very grateful - wherever this journey takes me. It is given me back hope and that is a lovely feeling.”

We’d like to wish lots of luck to this mystery twosome and hope that those lovely feelings continue. If you’re part of an MSF couple and would like to share your story, even if you’re shy of the limelight, please get in touch and let us know! And f you’re looking for someone special, sign up free to and get searching!