Are men the more romantic sex?


Men often get a bad rep when it comes to being romantic, but according to new research it turns out that they might actually be the soppier sex. According to, the average spend on Valentine’s Day has increased every year since 2015, with an estimated £650 million spend in 2018. This spend is largely funded by older millennials (aged 28 - 36) who are reported to be the most active buyers and gifters of Valentine’s products.

To see if it’s true that men are making more of a fuss, this year Funky Pigeon created a tool to see which gender was more romantic about Valentine’s Day in 2019. They found out that men are behind 81% of all flowers sent, whilst women send more cards and alcohol. In fact, women send more alcohol (74%) than they do cards (71%). However, women sent 71% of cards, so it looks like that guys might not be shy about splashing out on a bouquet, they are much more reticent when it comes to committing pen to paper in the name of love. Maybe men and women are just as romantic as each other, but in different ways.

Check out Funky Pigeon’s tool to find out where you and your loved one rank on the scale of romance.