Success story: Simon and Thea

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Our wedding was truly magical and the friends who profiled us got very drunk as they did a shot every time they were mentioned in the speech!

One of the best parts of doing what we do is hearing from people who have met through the site and are now living happily ever after. Online success stories definitely do happen, and you have every reason to believe that the next one could be you! We recently heard from Simon and Thea who met on mysinglefriend back in 2011 and are now married with two gorgeous children.

“Before MSF we had both used another dating website and were of the opinion that online dating was for geeks, loners or slime balls. Neither of us shine socially so the idea of a friend highlighting our assets was really appealing. At the time online dating was in its infancy but also a feasible option for both of us as our social circles were highly limited. We were glad to be able to read true profiles of potential suitors.

“Our first date was in Ely. Simon arrived over an hour early (he always arrives with time to spare even 9 years later!), and had spilt hot chocolate down his shirt before he met me! Prezzo was full, and I had a stinking cold (again, this is true to form!). We went to Pizza Express and the rest is history! Simon proposed 16 months later and we married in December 2012. We commuted to see one another throughout our dating and engagement so had living together to look forward to. Our wedding was on a sunny winter’s day in North Oxfordshire, at the Tythe Barn (Bicester). It was truly magical, and the friends who profiled us got very drunk as they drank a shot every time they were mentioned in a speech! Our honeymoon was in NE Slovenia - a chalet in the mountains - where we achieved driving on the right, navigating to attractions that were in seasonal shutdown, and reflecting on our next steps.

 “We have been through two house moves, a major house renovation project, a Masters degree and bringing two wonderful children into the world. We wouldn’t change a thing. Our ups and downs are a part of the rich tapestry of our life together, and may the weaving continue making memories together!

 “We have recommended MSF to friends who have also had success. We as a couple would very much like to thank the MSF team as without you we wouldn’t gave met.”

Huge congratulations to you both from everyone here at MSF!

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