Not receiving much response? Here’s why…


When it comes to dating, the good things come to those who wait. Whilst there is the rare occasion that someone ends up with the first person they meet from MySingleFriend, it usually takes a few dates before sparks fly. However, if you’ve been on the site for a while and you haven’t even made it past the messaging stage, it’s time to re-evaluate your profile and find out exactly why you aren’t getting much response. The following tips will help.

Your profile isn’t complete

People won’t want to date you if they don’t know anything about you, and a half-finished profile makes it look like you don’t really care about going on dates. If you really want to meet someone who is right for you, you need to fill out every tiny detail about who you are and what you’re looking for. Plus, given that this is MySingleFriend, you should make the most of the opportunity of having a friend write something about you.

Your photos aren’t working

When people look at your profile photo they want to get an honest idea of what you look like, so it’s crucial to use one that is a genuine likeness and will enable them to recongnise you when you meet. It is of course important to use a flattering photo, but we all have different ideas about what looks good: you might think that pout makes you look sultry and sexy, but to others you may just look sulky and grumpy. If you aren’t getting much response, ask a friend for an honest opinion and experiment with using different pictures.

You aren’t being proactive

Whilst it would be great if Ms or Mr Right magically found you without you having to lift a finger, it ain’t gonna happen. If you stand shyly on the sidelines like a wallflower at the high school dance in Grease, no one is going to notice you, so you have to get out on that floor and be seen like Cha Cha DiGregorio. Seek out people you’d like to meet and make the first move by sending them a message. Confidence is sexy and people will be flattered by and interested in your attention, so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.

You’re being too picky

If you get bogged down in the details of trying to find exactly who you think you’re looking for (red hair, green eyes, over 6 foot, is fanatical about Emmerdale), you will instantly narrow your options down to almost nothing. Being open minded about meeting all sorts of different people gives you much more opportunity to find someone lovely, even if they don’t neatly tick off every item on your list. In fact, we recommend chucking away your list as we know happy couples who would never have met if they hadn’t been prepared to step outside the rigid boundaries they’d created for themselves.

Your messaging game needs a little work

Even if you have the most perfect profile in the world, you won’t get much response if you’re sending uninspiring messages. Here’s how to pique their interest…

·      Make your subject line more interesting than ‘Hi’. If the person you’ve messaged has an inbox stuffed with messages that start ‘Hi’, ‘Hello’, or ‘Hey’ you won’t stand out from the crowd.

·      Make it clear you’ve read their profile. This shows you have a genuine interest in them and aren’t just spamming everyone on the site with the same generic message.

·      Tell them about yourself. Offering some morsels of information about yourself will grab their interest and make them more likely to visit your profile than one of those banal messages that say something like ‘Hey, how are you?’

·      Ask a question. Asking a question in a message offers them a hook to hang their answer on by immediately opening a conversation and making it easy for them to reply.

If you’re feeling downhearted about not receiving much response, put these tips into action and don’t give up. You get out what you put in, so with a bit of extra effort you’ll soon have plenty of exciting dates lined up.

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