Here's why you shouldn't quit online dating now


Have you hit the online dating wall and feel like giving up? You aren’t alone. Whilst there are a few people who are lucky enough to meet the love of their life on their first date, for the vast majority of people it takes longer. And, like anything in life, the longer you do it without getting results, the more you’ll feel like giving it up as a bad job. However, we all know that online dating does work and there’s absolutely no reason why it won’t work you too. Here are five reasons why you shouldn’t quit.

Because you’ve done the hard part already

Deciding to take the plunge and going through the work of setting up your profile is the hardest bit of online dating. Once you’re online, and you’ve set your search parameters, you don’t have to do much more than wait until likely matches pop into your inbox. We do advise that you are proactive about your searches if you want success, but even that isn’t much work when it comes down to it. If you feel like it’s a bit of a slog, remind yourself that the hardest bit is done and you’ll feel more motivated.

Because the next date could be THE date

In the end, it only takes one right date. Of course, this right date might turn up after several months of wrong dates, but once you’ve been on that right date you won’t have to date anymore. It’s also important to remind yourself that the more dates you go on, the more likely you are to meet someone really special, so it’s worth keeping going. It’s a number game after all, and the higher the number of dates you’ve been on, the closer that special date will be.

Because you might have been looking in the wrong places

If you aren’t getting much response, or you aren’t clicking with any of the people you meet up with, it’s time to change your parameters and cast your net more widely. Consider changing the age and distance ranges of the people you’re looking for and think about dating people you would normally reject for minor reasons like being too short or not being what you consider ‘your type’. Making small changing can reap big rewards.

Because having a break isn’t the same as quitting

If you really feel like you’ve had enough, you can choose to have a rest instead of deleting your profile and quitting for good. Stopping visiting the site and not checking your messages for a while can be a great way to give yourself a break, think about other things and recharge your batteries. After a while your enthusiasm for dating will return and we guarantee you’ll be glad you can quickly hop back on the site and get messaging again.

Because it’s worth giving it one last big push

If meeting someone is really important to you, then it’s worth putting in the effort to find them, which won’t happen if you quit. Before you give up, try putting in the effort to give your dating profile one last big push, especially if you’ve been online for a while. Online dating profiles do get tired, so revamp yours with new pictures, a new narrative and ask a friend to contribute some new words too. Transforming your profile like this can help transform your love life, and will up your chances of meeting that special someone.

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