Success story: Geoff and Helen

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We’ve got a little something here to brighten your day in the shape of another mysinglefriend success story. Geoff and Helen got in touch to tell us all about how they met, and why having two front teeth missing doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to have an unsuccessful first date!

“I wasn’t looking at signing up to any dating sites but my housemate at the time asked me to write a profile for her on mysinglefriend so at the same time she made one for me. I didn’t ever sign up to any others and I didn’t even log in until many months later when I was bored at home one evening. I saw a few recent messages so intrigue got the better of me and I paid for a month’s subscription. I replied to three or four messages but Helen was the first (and only) girl that I ended up going on a date with. Helen has said that her approach was to blanket message all the ‘hot’ guys and see who replied!

“Our first date It was at a bar outside on a warm Wednesday or Thursday night in March. We met at the tube station and I later learnt that Helen had thought someone else was me and she wasn’t impressed but was relieved when she actually found the real me! We walked to the bar and on the way in bumped into a good friend of mine and his relatively new girlfriend (now wife). It was weirdly awkward especially as they sat outside close by clearly spying on us!

The date itself was fun, Helen was due to run the Paris marathon that weekend and I had run the London marathon the previous year so we talked about that. Helen had also recently been ski-ing and crashed into a shed which meant she was missing her 2 front top teeth. She temporarily had fake ones on a retainer while waiting for implants which was quite funny and a shock when she first showed me. Lots of free flowing conversation and far too much booze for a work day but a good date.

“We are getting married in early August in Umbria in Italy, although we got legally married on the 4th July in Norwich with two of our parents as witnesses. Italy will be a 3 day party with friends and family and we can’t wait! Helen used to live in Italy and we have been most years since we met so it is close to our hearts.
We’ve done everything the wrong way round and have already had two children (Elliot 4 and Stella 1) so we are heading to Tuscany for a family holiday immediately after the wedding but our proper honeymoon is in the Maldives in February – our parents have kindly offered to split the baby sitting duties.

As I mentioned, we’ve already done the things many do after getting married. We bought a flat, had a baby, moved to a house, had another baby and then finally got engaged. We are both one of three so there is a fair chance we may have one more baby at some point. We’d then need a bigger house as the kids get older so may end up moving out of London for more space. All the boring stuff that family life entails! We’ve discussed possibly moving abroad for a while with one or both of our jobs so that could be an option. Ultimately we have two happy, healthy kids and that is the main thing.”

Huge congratulations to Geoff and Helen, and little Elliot and Stella! We hope you have a fabulous wedding and we wish you all the very best for the future!

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