Five ways to kickstart your dating profile for 2019


Have you ever heard of ‘Dating Sunday’? It falls on the first Sunday of each new year and sees the most sign ups and user engagement of any other 24 hour period, making it one of the most important days in the dating calendar and one you can’t afford to miss. This year it falls on January 6th, so, if you’ve neglected your dating profile a little over the winter months, you’ve got plenty of time to give it a makeover before the big days rolls around. Follow these tips to make sure dating in 2019 goes with a bang!

Use simple language and proper grammar

Have a look back over what you wrote on your profile and check for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. You don’t have to be Shakespeare, but taking care over presentation gives a much better impression than being sloppy and careless. Research has shown that potential dates respond better to simple language because people are naturally drawn to words that are easier to remember and pronounce, so don’t try to impress with over-complicated words of sentences.

Keep it upbeat

When going over your profile narrative, make sure that what you’ve written is positive and upbeat and, if it isn’t, give it a rewrite. Avoid saying negative things about yourself or things you don’t like about other people, and PLEASE don’t mention an ex. People will be much more drawn to you if you are optimistic about life.

Be specific about your interests

Online daters respond well to people who have similar hobbies and interests to them, so do yourself a favour by being specific about what your passions are. For example, don’t say you like ‘sport’ and ‘reading’; instead name your favourite sports and give a list of your top 5 favourite books.

Change your photos

If you’ve been online for a while your photo can go a bit stale. People who have seen it hundreds of times but not contacted you will look at you with fresh eyes if you post a new photo, plus it will revitalise your profile for you too. Remember, the best photo is a smiley, colourful, clear head and shoulders shot.

Write about yourself

This might seem obvious, but many people are naturally self-effacing and so singing your own praises can be difficult. However, writing about yourself is crucial: research has shown that successful online daters spend around 80% of their profile writing about themselves and 20% describing the type of person they’re looking for. People are looking for detail, so don’t be afraid to give some.

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