Success story: Danny and Sarah

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We’ve got another lovely success for you in the shape of Danny and Sarah who met on last year. Their story is proof that you should never give up after a first go at online dating, because that perfect someone is probably just around the corner.

“I was a bit sceptical of online dating and had been doing it for 13 months before my first date, “ Danny told us. “That went on for a couple of months and fizzled out in a haze of wine and misunderstanding. My lovely friend who added me to mysinglefriend, from work kept telling me to keep trying because “you’re going to meet your future wife through it.” As I said, I was sceptical, but then Sarah popped up last summer.

“The only way online dating works is to be open minded and beat the nerves and get out to meet people. For us, it’s been a lovely success and has brought us together when otherwise we would never have any just cause to meet! We had a perfect start to our dating as we went into it with the attitude to not take ourselves seriously. Start with wanting to meet a new friend and give it time.

“Also, with being busy professionals, it’s crucial to seek having fun experiences first. This is what worked for Sarah and me. My first date eighteen months earlier was a bit heavy because we had messaged each other
for a month beforehand and therefore built up a picture of personalities through this. I remember thinking how difficult it was to meet someone you had already formulated an opinion about, only to have to readjust when we finally met. With Sarah, I asked that we meet asap so we wouldn’t ‘waste’ time messaging only to find each other different. However, not so this time. We met within a week of messaging. We have not looked back!

“Our first date was at a lovely walking location ( and pub!) between Wakefield and Sheffield. We walked along the Transpennine Trail and talked non stop!! We stopped at the pub for something to eat and a shandy. We were aiming for a 3 hour date but it turned into 8 hours 9 minutes! We kissed in the car park and it was a kiss I had never expected or experienced before!!! I was smitten! We love each other’s company and every date we have we laugh out loud and do daft things like dancing to Symphony in the cereal aisle at the Co-op! We love walking and beers so we just love the time we share because we do the things we love doing.

“I proposed on Xmas day. I had ordered a specific ring from a jewellers in Spain and it arrived a week before Xmas so the timing was perfect. We aim to get married on the 27th December at 15:03 because I love trains and timetables and Sarah thinks this is hilarious! We aim to pack out the church with our friends and family with the theme of ‘sparkles ‘ as it’s Xmas and we both love it. Honeymoon will be next early summer, probably in either Corfu or Croatia. Also, land traveling by train to suit both our hobbies as Sarah loves traveling too. Food, beer, wine, old churches and buildings are what we aim for on our Honeymoon!

“We both have two boys each who are grown up or on the cusp of; they’re so supportive and lovely to us. That’s also important, that they know their parents are making decisions to secure happiness in our lives. Our beliefs is about living the moments and seeing a beauty in the everyday . It’s not true that you only live once; you die once but you live every day. To live and love someone every day is a precious find we will never let go of. We always walk holding hands. We dance together when there’s music to dance to and share the deep belly laughs of life. And Sarah keeps saying that she has learned that life needn’t be filled with failed relationships with tattooed balding men called Dave. I am the exact opposite!”

We’d like to wish Danny and Sarah huge congratulations and best wishes for the future from everyone here at And we can’t wait to hear all about the wedding!

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